Paediatric Program

Better Kids™ is a Paediatric Practice program that consists of standardized tests (DTVP-3; Beery–VMI) as well and a non-standardised test (Adapted Wall Model of Occupational performance for children that includes an activity kit) to assess a child's developmental needs as well as detailed developmental needs.

Better Kids™ also provides a method of accurate problem identification within the program as well as collection of treatment activities relating to the all problems areas as per Adapted Wall Model of Occupational performance for children.

The collection of treatment activities that is contained in the 26 Activity booklets (available in digital format for ease of use) aims to remediate the dysfunction found in elementary age children. All the above is contained of a web based interface and written on DVD that will allow the therapist easy and immediate access to all information and treatment activities that can then be easily adapted to suit the child's treatment needs.

Each treatment activity includes a behavioural or performance objective, basic method of procedure (how to execute activity or game), purpose and precautions. Much of the theoretical structure is derived from the work of Dr. A.J Ayers, Bunty Mc Dougall, Marianne Frostig, Florence Goodenough and Dr. Dale Harris and Winnie Dunn.

The treatment activities are categorized into several basic sensory- motor areas and visual perceptual areas and again refer to the Adapted Wall Model of Occupational performance for children, to facilitate use and practicality.

The purpose of the treatment activity is listed, although the majority will meet more than one remediation need. This collection of treatment activities in the booklets are not all –inclusive but is aimed to generate ideas, variations and adaptations to activities. Most activities are divided in kinesthetic, 3-dimentional and 2 dimensional as well as suggested activities for home programs to treat the building blocks that are necessary for children to function at school, and complete their expected activities of daily living relevant for their age group.

The program evaluation method and treatment activities have been designed by qualified therapists who use these same or very similar activities during their daily therapy sessions with clients with success.

See example of the OT process using Better Kids™

Paediatric Programme and Assessment Tools
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** Alternative Standardised Tests can also be adapted for your specific needs (i.e. Sensory profile, ADOS etc). Please contact us to discuss the options.